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Staff Guidelines

Here are some guidelines our staff must follow to prevent the loss of their rank, follow these rules and guidelines for being the perfect staff member on AvesMC.




Staff Image - It's important that staff maintain the responsibilities given to them and remain mature. Chat spamming, griefing, kick wars, mute wars, random jailing, randomly killing players, etc. should not occur whatsoever.

Communication - Please, communicate with each other, using the forums, Discord, Slack, etc. Teamwork is what will keep this server stable. You must actively take part in discussions, especially those in the staff chat in Discord, as important issues about the future of the server is discussed.

Community Activeness - Please try to spend at least 1 hour a day on the server, and continue to check Discord frequently, to keep up with our growing community. If you know you aren’t going to be active on the server for a while please tell BosslyRaven or xMadameWolfx.

Forums - Please be responsible in the forums, do not flame, insult, or belittle users on the forums. Do not delete threads or lock them without a valid reason. Only delete posts if they're inciting flame wars or are completely irrelevant in an important thread, do not delete them permanently. Only lock a thread if a problem has been solved and there is no reason for there to be any more responses.     

Discord - Please be responsible and active in Discord as it needs to be moderated. Do not delete any messages that don’t go against our player rules if you are unsure if a message goes against our rules don't hesitate to ask another staff member in the #staff-chat.

Player Assistance - If a player is asking for reasonable assistance that you can provide some or all of, do so. Do not wait until someone else gets on, help them out. It's part of being a staff member and helps everyone out. (it’s not always all fun and games here! :P)

Reporting - If you see or encounter a problem you can do a few things, screenshot or take a video of it and make a thread in the forums about it, message BosslyRaven or xMadameWolfx on Discord, tell us on Slack or the “#staff-chat” on Discord. Don't wait for someone who can fix it to get on, report it immediately, so that they're not swamped when they log on and can get to/remember to get to all the issues that come up.


Guidelines for handling griefing, theft, and chat issues:

(Note: The staff member has the right to be more lenient or strict than these guidelines based upon their own judgment of the situation and the input of other staff).

This portion is still under construction suggestions welcome. :P

Banning Procedure

You have to put a reason for everything! For the ban reason, you may not use any profanity. If you're banning someone for griefing, simply write "Griefing". This is because it makes knowing why a player was banned easier for staff, also makes ban appeals easier.


Perma-banning, for now, is the last resort for really bad players because we are a small server still and can’t afford to lose any players right now. For example, if a player joins the server for the first time and immediately starts spamming another server’s IP Address that is a permaban.


For everyone who bans a player from the server must fill out this form using this link: https://goo.gl/forms/eHzhRDqCrQYZWMDI2

Staff Rules & Regulations

Staff members on the server must follow all posted rules and are subject to the same disciplinary actions and removal of rank and staff status.


Despite being a staff member, and thus having been granted powers that average community members are not permitted to have nor use, you must respect those powers.

This means you are not permitted to use your powers for personal gain or the gain of fellow staff or the gain of community members.

Failure to abide by these rules will result in you being fired or strictly monitored by a higher up or someone who simply is not under the protocol.

As a staff member, you are to respect fellow staff (this does, in fact, include the Builders). You are a role model and you are to respect the server’s image and the image of your fellow staff.

The entire team is in agreement with this rule (including the owners). Respect is vital to the team’s efficiency and cooperation.

As a role model, you set an example for the server’s community. The idea here is if you curse like a sailor other members will be inclined to follow in your footsteps.

We appreciate the idea of free speech, but cursing like a sailor isn’t going to impress anybody. There are also kids who may stumble upon our server and we simply do not need to disrespect them or their parents. Remember this: an unhappy guardian makes for an unhappy staff team.

Because image is important to us if you are found breaking any of the basic rules you will be monitored just as strictly as though you broke protocol. This means you may find yourself demoted, even for a small misdemeanor.

Upon being asked to do a job you are to do it. The words of xMadameWolfx and BosslyRaven are law here on this team. Remember that.

On some occasions, you may find there are staff members that will ask you to do things. You are not entitled to follow their word, however, if they are reporting from an owner you are to do as told.

If you feel that a staff member is lying about a request from an owner, ask. Do not call them out. Do not start a fight or an argument. Regardless of whether or not you believe your fellow staff member, asking will never hurt.


Disciplinary Actions

When a staff member breaks one of these rules or is not living up to the expectations placed on them, then they are removed from their staff rank and responsibilities. They are also subject to the same disciplinary actions if they break any of the initial player rules.

As much as we would like to believe that the AvesMC staff are perfect, we understand they are human and that they might do some things that make the players feel they have been cheated in some way. If a player makes a complaint about a staff member, steps must be taken to correct the issue. If a player makes a valid complaint against a staff member, the staff member's rank gets suspended until the Owners sort everything out.

Once things are sorted out and after the issue(s) have been resolved the staff member will have all restrictions lifted from their account and they go on as before, or the staff member will be relieved from their duty and remain on the server as a regular player, or the staff member will be banned from the server either temporarily or permanently.

If a staff member has more than three valid complaints against them, they will be asked to resign and remain on the server as a regular player. After five complaints they are permanently removed from their position and can choose to remain on the server as a regular player or not.


Example Complaint Form:

Date Submitted:    
In-Game Name:    
Name of Staff Member:    
The problem that occurred with mentioned Staff Member:


Staff Expectations:

AvesMC does not expect staff to be working every single moment on the server, but during gameplay, we ask you to keep these few things in mind and perform them whenever possible. Higher ranks also inherit the requirements from previous ranks.

However, if we feel like you're not fulfilling part of your duties, you will receive a verbal warning for improvement. Otherwise, you may be unsuitable for a staff position and may be demoted.


Help out and answer questions that other members will have    

Look out for, and report, all griefing activities with the help of CoreProtect

Remove all rude and racist structures and report them.

Kick, mute and temp ban players when needed. When temporarily banning or perma-banning players you must notify the Owners of the servers, if possible.

Check the forums and Discord regularly and reply to any players who are in need of assistance.

Actively take part in discussions on the forums and Discord, especially in the staff chat on Discord, as it is there where the future path of the server is discussed. Your input is needed there before we ask for feedback from the whole community and implements new ideas on the actual server.


All Moderator duties









Failure to comply with these rules and guidelines may result in action against your account. These rules are subject to change at any time with or without notification. In most cases, a notification will be visible on the forums, Discord, etc.. Failure to follow these rules may result in a ban, temp-ban or loss of rank, at an Owner’s discretion.

Last Updated: February 19th, 2017